Sports Injuries
By Miamisburg Family Dental
December 23, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Sports injuries are a common cause of dental problems in patients ranging in age from preteens to adults. Patients who play contact sports injurysports like basketball, baseball, football, ice hockey and boxing are most susceptible to dental emergencies. This is one reason why there's an emergency dentist on call at Miamisburg Family Dental in Miamisburg, OH. Find out more about common sports injuries and important tips for preserving your smile if you're an athlete.

Common Sports Injuries
When you think of a sports injury you may think of a sprained ankle or tennis elbow. But athletes also experience dental injuries that require urgent care. Here are a few common sports injuries that dentists treat:

  • chipped or cracked tooth
  • knocked out or loosened tooth
  • soft-tissue injuries to the cheek, gums or lips

The Value of Having an Emergency Dentist on Call
Sports injuries are best treated by an emergency dentist. Some patients choose to go to an emergency room at a hospital where the ER doctor may have limited dental knowledge. A dentist has the skill and tools to not only stop pain, but to also restore your smile. In many cases, even the most distressing dental problem can be fixed as long as a Miamisburg emergency dentist intervenes early on. Call (937) 866-5501 immediately to ask for an urgent appointment.

Tips for Dealing with a Dental Emergency
If you are an athlete or the parent of a young sports player, here are a few tips for dealing with a dental emergency and also for protecting your smile:

  • Always wear a mouthguard when participating in heavy contact sports like boxing and hockey.
  • Carefully attempt to put a knocked out tooth back into its socket and avoid chewing on the area.
  • Preserve tooth material, knocked out teeth or crowns in milk to keep them viable until you arrive at the appointment.
  • Reduce swelling by putting pressure on the area with a moist piece of gauze or a tea bag.

An Emergency Dentist Is a Phone Call Away
It's important to know the number for your Miamisburg emergency dentist in the case of a sports injury. Call Miamisburg Family Dental at (937) 866-5501 for an urgent visit.