When To See an Emergency Dentist
By Miamisburg Family Dental
December 13, 2017
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Emergency Dentist  

Do you know what types of dental problems are considered emergencies? Miamisburg, OH, emergency dentists Dr. Gerald Brown and Dr. emergency dentistRobert Wolcott explain when you may need to make an urgent call to the dentist.

What are common dental emergencies?

Dental emergencies occur if an accident, injury or infection threatens the health of your teeth. Common types of emergencies include:

  • Knocked Out Teeth: Although your teeth are held in place by strong roots, they can be knocked out you strike your mouth on a hard surface during an accident or receive a blow to the face. In some cases, knocked out teeth can be successfully reimplanted in your mouth. If your tooth is knocked out, call our Miamisburg office immediately. Reimplantation is more likely to be successful if you receive treatment in about an hour. Once you locate your tooth, rinse it to remove dirt and put it back in the socket. If it won't fit, place it next to your gum, or cover it with milk or your saliva and place it in a sealed container.
  • Loose Teeth: Accidents and blows may also cause teeth to shift out of their normal positions become loose. Both problems require emergency care. If your loose tooth has shifted, call the office right away.
  • Broken Teeth: Broken teeth also require emergency treatment. Pain relievers and ice can also be helpful in relieving your discomfort until you receive treatment. Broken teeth can be very sensitive when exposed to the air. You can reduce sensitivity by applying a layer of dental cement, available in drugstore oral care sections, to the broken edges.
  • Abscesses: The bacterial infection responsible for an abscess can cause severe pain, swelling on one side of the face, pus or a pimple on the gum next to the tooth, swollen lymph glands and a fever. It's important to treat the infection as soon as possible.

Receiving emergency dental treatment after an injury or infection is the key to protecting your smile. If you experience any of these problems, call Miamisburg, OH, emergency dentists Dr. Brown and Dr. Wolcott at (937) 866-5501 to schedule an appointment.