Tooth Extractions in Miamisburg

If one of your teeth has been damaged by gum disease, tooth decay, or an oral injury, it may need to be extracted and replaced with a partial denture, bridge, or a dental implant. The extraction process quite simple, and at Miamisburg Family Dental, Dr. Almoney and Dr. Brown use the latest techniques and numbing agents and offer sedation to help keep you comfortable during your treatment.


Why Would I Need A Tooth Extraction?


There are a few different reasons that you may need to have one or more teeth extracted.


  • Your tooth is loose due to gum disease – If you have gum disease, your gums become weak, and may not be able to hold your teeth properly in their sockets. Extraction may be recommended for teeth that are loose due to gum disease.
  • Your tooth is infected and can’t be saved with a root canal – It’s best to save an infected tooth with a root canal, but if this is not possible, it will need to be extracted to ensure that the infection does not harm the rest of your smile.
  • Wisdom teeth are growing in improperly – Wisdom teeth typically erupt during the late teens and early twenties, and by this time, most patients do not have enough room in their mouths for these third molars to grow in properly. Improper growth can damage the surrounding teeth, or become infected when erupting. Because of this, most people have their wisdom teeth extracted.
  • Prepare for a dental implant or a denture – Full arch dentures require the removal of all of your upper, lower, or both arches of teeth. Extractions may also be required in preparation for a dental implant in the future.


While there are some other reasons that a tooth may need to be extracted, these are the most common oral conditions that require removal.

How Do Tooth Extractions Work?

The actual process of a tooth extraction is quite simple, and usually only takes about 5 minutes per tooth. First, your tooth and gums will be cleaned, numbed and disinfected to prevent infection. Then, Dr. Brown or Dr. Almoney will use a “dental elevator” to loosen the tooth in its socket. Once the tooth has been loosened, your tooth will be pulled out as gently as possible by the root.

After this, the site is cleaned to remove any blood or bacteria and disinfected. Finally, the socket is sutured shut, completing the procedure.

Will My Tooth Extraction Hurt? 


At Miamisburg Family Dental, we use the best numbing agents and techniques to numb your mouth so your tooth will not hurt at all during the extraction process. We also offer sedation dentistry to prevent any pain or discomfort during treatment. When used together, the combination of sedation and numbing agents ensures that you will feel absolutely no pain or discomfort throughout the procedure.


However, you will likely experience some discomfort during the 24-48 hours after your tooth has been extracted, as well as some swelling and bleeding. This is to be expected and will subside after a few days.


What Is the Healing and Recovery Process Like?


Immediately after your procedure, Dr. Almoney or Dr. Brown will give you a set of instructions on immediate after-care, such as how often to replace the gauze pad and using pain medication and ice packs to help mitigate swelling and discomfort. Above all, you should make sure you follow these instructions to ensure your mouth heals correctly and as quickly as possible.


You should take things easy for the next 24-48 hours after your procedure. Avoid heavy physical activity. It is also important to make sure you do not use a straw or rinse/spit forcefully for at least 24-hours post-extraction because this can dislodge the blood clot in your socket.


Brush and floss normally, but be gentle and avoid the extraction site to prevent infection and complications. For a few days, you’ll need to eat mostly soft foods like yogurt, soup, pudding, and applesauce. In total, the healing process usually takes about 1-2 weeks. During this time, new gum and bone tissue will fill in the gap left by your missing tooth.


Most of your side effects should subside within 24-48 hours. After this time, if you experience severe pain, bleeding, nausea or any other signs of infection, you should contact Miamisburg Family Dental right away.


Does My Wisdom Tooth Need to Be Extracted? Recognizing the Top Signs


The most common reason that you may need a tooth extraction is the improper eruption of your wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are our last set of molars, which usually grow in from the ages of 18-25.


Unfortunately, most of us don’t have enough room for our wisdom teeth. This means they may grow in sideways, or fail to erupt correctly, which can cause tooth abscesses and other nasty complications. 


Wondering if your wisdom teeth need to be extracted? Here are the top signs that they may not be growing in properly, and may need to be removed! 


- Bleeding, tender, swollen or red gums

- Jaw pain and headaches

- Jaw swelling

- Bad breath or an unpleasant taste in your mouth

- Pain and sensitivity when chewing

- A change in how your teeth fit together

If you recognize one or more of the above symptoms and you have not yet had your wisdom teeth removed, it may be time to do so. Contact Miamisburg Family Dental for more information, and to schedule your appointment.

Come To Miamisburg Family Dental for a Gentle Extraction


Whether your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, or you believe that you may need to have a tooth pulled for any reason, Dr. Almoney and Dr. Brown are here to help.

At Miamisburg Family Dental, we focus on caring, personal treatment for the entire family. Once you schedule an appointment, one of our dentists will examine your mouth to determine whether extraction is the proper treatment for you and answer any questions you may have about the process. Contact us at (937) 866-5501, or come to our office at 306 E Linden Ave, Miamisburg, OH 45342 to schedule your appointment in person.